Niyi Coker, Jr. Productions is committed to the creation of edutainment projects which utilizes entertainment platforms (Theatre, Television, Film, and Social Media) in the enlightenment of audiences, aimed at the advancement of human knowledge. Themes of social justice and community, are the common thread binding the productions of this outfit.

"If you are looking for Hell, then ask an artist where it is. If you can't find an artist, then you are already in Hell". - Avigdor Pawsner


This is a screen adaptation of the play “The Seamstress of Saint Francis Street” by Mario Farwell. -REMI AWARD (PLATINUM)- HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2012 -CALIFORNIA INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVA

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A documentary on the Civil Rights struggle of 14 athletes at University of Wyoming in 1969. FirstAired on PBS/FERPA February 1996

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WRITER/ DIRECTOR: “Ota Benga – Human at the Zoo”, is the true story of an African kidnapped from the continent and destined to display at the Bronx Zoo. Ota Benga premiered at the Smithsonian Museum o

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WRITER/DIRECTOR: “Black Studies USA: a history of the controversial creation of “Black Studies” in the USA. WINNER: -REMI AWARD (SILVER); HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2007 -BEST SHORT DOC

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